-70% HAIR JAZZ Hormone-free Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums

HAIR JAZZ Eyelash Growth Serum without hormones- for hypnotizing look!

  • Stimulates eyelashes growth

  • Stimulates eyebrows growth

  • Stops eyebrow from thinning

  • Prevents eyelashes from falling off

  • Helps you to achieve your dream eyebrows and eyelashes in two months

*The results may vary from person to person.


HAIR JAZZ Eyelash Growth Serum  -  the active ingredients Soy Protein, Keratin, Follicusan™, SYMPEPTIDE XLASH® accelerate the growth of the eyelashes, improve both density and volume, strengthen eyelashes, stimulate cell and vitalize eyelashes follicles.

SYNERGY of SOY PROTEIN and MILK PROTEIN improves the structure of the lashes, whilst strengthening and repairing damaged lashes. Protein is considered one of the building blocks of lashes since the lash itself is naturally made of protein. Lack of protein would normally cause thinning of the lash or disruption to its normal growth cycle. If your eyelashes are lacking body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss proteins might just be what they are missing.

KERATIN is another element of lash composition aside from protein. Hair jazz serum is rich with keratin which helps to keep your eyelashes healthy.

OVUM SHELL POWDER is rich in calcium. To be able to produce keratin, it is important to provide enough calcium for the process. Calcium stimulates the production of keratin and ultimately – the eyelash growth process.

VITAMIN B is the most important vitamin for eyelash growth, especially when your lashes are prone to falling out easily.

HAIR JAZZ Eyebrow Serum - the active ingredients Baicapil and Sympeptide can stop eyebrow hair loss, stimulate hair growth, make eyebrow thicker, and improves overall condition.

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4 weeks

Improvement of eyelashes condition visible in 30 days

8 weeks

Best results achieved when used daily for at least 60 days

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HAIR JAZZ Hormone-free Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums

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    Institut Claude Bell

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  • 34.95


HAIR JAZZ Hormone-free Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums

  • $114.90
  • $34.95
  • 2023-06-26
  • 34.95