-40% NO BRA Bust Booster Cream

NO BRA Bust Booster- cream for your firm neck and plump chest!

  • Shapes the breast and gives it more volume

  • Helps tighten neck and chest tissues

  • Regenerates sagging skin and revitalizes it

  • Reduces stretch marks

  • Fights wrinkles

  • Fight hyperpigmentation

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It is recommended to use the routine:

  • To strengthen, tone and regenerate neck and chest tissues
  • To fight against hyperpigmentation
  • To reduce stretch marks
  • To have a plumper breast
  • As a preventive measure

-In case of weight changes

-For stretch marks

-9 months after cosmetic breast surgery

-During pregnancy

-After childbirth if the baby not breastfed

-In the warm season, when the probability of UV damage is higher

NO BRA Bust Booster Cream

How Does NO BRA Bust Booster Cream Work?

The active ingredients of NO BRA Bust Booster promote collagen synthesis and rapid regeneration of skin cells. Collagen is a key component of the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving the condition of the skin. It can also help increase tissue mass. NO BRA Bust Booster strongly moisturizes the skin, helps fight the aging processes and reduces oxidative damage, so that the skin of the neck and chest regenerates and becomes firmer and the chest also becomes plumper.

How does NO BRA Bust Booster smell?

The synergy of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil creates a warm exotic scent that radiates from your chest.

NO BRA Bust Booster is enriched with Ylang Ylang essential oil. It is known not only for its delicate aroma of fresh flowers and fruits, but also for its aromatherapeutic properties that help relieve stress, anxiety, sadness, tension and insomnia. Ylang Ylang is famous for its aphrodisiac properties as well that help boost libido and arouse passion.

Ceylon cinnamon bark oil gives a warm and gentle aroma for NO BRA Bust Booster. Also known as Sun Oil, it promotes self-love, helps build self-confidence, gives energy and transforms sadness into happiness.

What makes NO BRA Bust Booster special?

PANAX GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT can help improve the circulation of the smallest blood vessels in the skin, which increases collagen synthesis. The antioxidant properties of the extract protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental factors that can cause the formation of wrinkles. As ginseng helps to inhibit melanin production, it is excellent in combating hyperpigmentation. 

FERMENTED SOYBEAN PROTEIN promotes collagen production and evens out the skin tone. It inhibits skin aging and promotes elasticity.

Research has shown that GINGER ROOT EXTRACT can reduce the roughness of the skin, making it soft and supple. The antioxidant properties of ginger root extract help reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, thus improving uneven skin tone.

VITAMIN E is an essential substance for cell renewal. Vitamin E promotes the healing of burns and scars, moisturizes the skin and strengthens its defensive functions.

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NO BRA Bust Booster Cream

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NO BRA Bust Booster Cream

  • $89.95
  • $53.95
  • 2023-06-26
  • 53.95