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-50% Hair Jazz Set - Complete Washing Routine + Hair cream + Vitamins

HAIR JAZZ- longer and thicker hair!

  • Accelerates your hair growth and reduces hair loss

  • Stimulates new hair growth

  • Restores hair structure

  • Your hair will become softer and shinier

  • Proven efficacy on all hair types


After 8 weeks


After 9 weeks


After 8 weeks

The results may vary from person to person.


2 months treatment

HAIR JAZZ Stimulating hair growth Shampoo (8.5 fl oz)  and Accelerating hair growth Lotion (6.8 fl oz): The active ingredients Soy protein, Vitamin B6, Keratin, Egg shell extract and Chitin nourish hair follicles, accelerate hair growth, reduce hair loss and promotes new hair growth.

HAIR JAZZ Hyaluronic Repair Conditioner (8.5 fl oz): The active ingredients Hyaluronic acid, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E repair structure, hydrate, protect hair from breakage & split ends and give it body & shine.

HAIR JAZZ Hair Cream (5.1 fl oz): The main ingredient Peach oil together with Amisol Trio ™️ and Shea butter repair hair along its entire length, coat split ends, protect hair from oxidative damage.

HAIR JAZZ hair growth Vitamins (90 tablets): The synergy of active ingredients Biotin, Keratin and other helps to grow long and healthy hair and to prevent hair loss. You will feel "side-benefits" too! You'll enjoy moisturized, vibrant skin and stronger, healthier nails.

HAIR JAZZ Intense Nutrition Mask (16.9 fl oz): The main ingredient Shea butter deeply nourishes hair, rebuilds its structure and helps hair to grow in a healthy way.

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Consumer testing


Increase in hair strength


Increase in hair growth


Overall satisfaction with the treatment

*PROTOCOL: Conducted on 60 patients over a period of 30 days, measuring each patient’s hair accordingly. Thirty patients used the product daily and thirty patients did not apply any hair treatment.

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Hair Jazz Set - Complete Washing Routine + Hair cream + Vitamins

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    Institut Claude Bell

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  • 2022-03-02
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  • 116.95


Hair Jazz Set - Complete Washing Routine + Hair cream + Vitamins

  • $233.90
  • $116.95
  • 2022-03-02
  • 116.95