HAIR JAZZ microfiber turban towel

HAIR JAZZ microfiber turban towel

HAIR JAZZ HAIR TURBAN – For a quick, easy and gentle hair drying experience!


HAIR JAZZ microfiber hair towel does less friction on hair than a tradicitonal bath towel, helps to prevent breakage, split ends and frizziness. It will leave your hair fresh, smooth and shiny.


  • Absorbs moisture more quickly than normal towels and dries hair faster
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all hair types and lenghts

Instructions for use:

Twist and loop system makes the hair towel wrap that stays in place! Slip it over hair and twist into a truban as you would do with a normal towel, hook the loop over the button to fix it in place and enjoy your time saved! 

      • $19.95