-45% HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Super Trio

HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Super Trio- Long lasting summer vibes!

  • Immediate tanning effect 

  • Long-lasting tan and even tan

  • You can choose and achieve your desired skin tone 

  • Smells like tropical summer

  • Targets dry-irritated skin and moisturizes it

  • Easy to apply and absorb

  • Lightweight, non-sticky formula

  • French made colour guide technology for even finish

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1st Step

HAIR JAZZ Hydrating Body Lotion to Prepare the Skin for Tanning
It is time to do it right for a better tanning effect and healthy skin!
Use HAIR JAZZ Hydrating Body Lotion before applying HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse. Massage it with fingers to targeted zones or use a cotton pad for better exfoliation

SALICYLIC ACID is well-known for gently exfoliating the skin and keeping the pores clear. It prepares the skin for better absorption of Hair Jazz Self-Tanning Mousse. 
PROPYLENE GLYCOL works as a barrier to keep the moisture in your skin, helping it stay hydrated. Such type of hydration helps to avoid spreading Hair Jazz Self-Tanning Mousse unevenly due to dry areas, however, it does not create a barrier for the product to be absorbed.

CALENDULA has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties which help to protect the skin, so it remains healthy and smooth.

CHAMOMILE has been used as a home remedy for ages due to one of its parts- Bisabolol. It calms and soothes the skin before tanning procedures. 

2nd  Step

HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse - French made colour guide technology helps you to reach your desired skin tone with only one product! 

Use a Tan Mitt and apply HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse after shaking it.

HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse:

  • Evenly covers your skin and creates an immediate and beautiful tan after first usage.
  • While you are enjoying your results HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse active ingredients are working on creating a longer lasting tan and in 8-24 hours creates a beautiful tan. Do you prefer the look of holiday bronzed skin rather than a natural looking tan? You can apply HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse while you reach your desired tone, leaving each application to develop for 8-24 hours.
  • HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse hydrates the skin for the tan to last longer and your skin to glow and be even.

3rd Step

HAIR JAZZ Tan Effect Extending Body Milk
Fixate your tan by nourishing your skin!
Wait until HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Mousse is dry and apply HAIR JAZZ Tan Effect Extending Body Milk on your skin to hydrate the skin and fixate the tan.

SWEET ALMOND OIL can improve complexion and skin tone, reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots and makes the skin look even. 

SHEA BUTTER moisturises the skin and extends the tanning effect. It even encourages collagen production!

UREA strongly hydrates the skin.

ARGAN OIL is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Linoleic Acids, all of which work to moisturize your skin, soften the dry patches and extend the tanning effect. It is essentially nature's protective and nourishing superfood for your skin.

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HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Super Trio

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HAIR JAZZ Self-Tanning Super Trio

  • $164.95
  • $89.95
  • 2023-05-18
  • 89.95