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Enjoy your natural-looking tan with Hair Jazz fake tanning products


Are you looking for so-called fake tanning products, such as fake tanning lotion? Hair Jazz self-tanning products will give you natural glow tanning in a couple of seconds! Who wouldn’t want to have tanned legs and arms every season? Now it is possible with the Hair Jazz line for self-tanning! We offer you to buy different fake tanning products, such as self-tanning foam for the body and self-tanning drops for the face.

If you want to have a healthy and smooth body and face skin, you should avoid being in the Sun for a long time. However, if you prefer to keep your skin tanned, the best option is self-tanning products. These cosmetics are not harmful to your skin, although you should choose a well-known brand with qualitative products to get the best result. Hair Jazz products for tanning contain natural and organic ingredients that do not harm the skin. By looking at clients' reviews with before and after photos, you can see that they give a natural-looking and smooth tan that does not have an orange effect!


Why should you consider using Hair Jazz self-tanning products? Besides their amazing and long-lasting effects, the Hair Jazz line is produced by a popular company in Southern France named Institut Claude Bell. The company is known for its expertise in hair care and body care cosmetics, which have natural compositions. Moreover, the products do not contain harsh chemicals, such as SLS and parabens, they are hormone-free and cruelty-free. The latter means that the company does not test on animals.


Some people have pale skin that does not get tanned from the Sun - instead, their skin gets burnt and red. The perfect choice for these people is a self-tanning kit. Buy our Hair Jazz self-tanning products online and enjoy your tanned skin now! Online shopping allows you to buy your favorite products without leaving your home, so you can easily catch the sale and order them for a cheaper price!


Beautiful, smooth, and even tanned skin the whole year


Having tanned skin is possible even during winter! Such products as fake tanning lotion and self-tanning drops can give you a beautiful, smooth, and natural tan, but they also can have undesirable orange tones. To avoid that issue, always read the reviews of the product before buying it. However, we (and our clients) can confirm that Hair Jazz fake tanning products do not cause orange skin, moreover, they are easy to cover, light, and natural.


If you are wondering if self-tanning products are safe, we can assure you - they are. Doctors and dermatologists not only agree on self-tanning products' safety but also state that it is a perfect alternative for your skin. Some people may say that they only prefer these products since self-tanners do not cause UV rays. However, both sun tanning and tanning beds expose you to UV rays that are dangerous for your skin, and tanning beds can increase the risk of wrinkles and skin cancer. Other reasons to purchase fake tanning products, such as fake tanning lotion, spray, cream, or foam:

  • Fake tanning products can even be healthy for your skin if you buy those enriched with natural and organic ingredients. You must avoid harsh chemicals;
  • Fake tanning products do not cause dry skin since they can contain moisturizer. Dry skin can lead to the emergence of wrinkles and other skin problems, such as skin dehydration. It is recommended to use special hydrating lotion before using those products, though;
  • Fake tanning products can help you get different tanning tones without sunburn.


There are some rules for applying self-tanning products. For example, you should always use a mitt. A self-tanning mitt is needed to distribute self-tanners gradually. Moreover, always follow the instructions on the label.

Skin preparation, and care before and after self-tanning procedures


The products for self-tanning can be a great option even in the summer. If you want to wear a dress, but your legs are white and not tanned, use fake tanning lotion or fake tanning foam. However, before and after these procedures, proper skin care is required. Appropriate skin care ensures that you will not cause harm and get maximum effect.
Here are some tips on how to prepare your skin for self-tanning procedures:

  • Exfoliate your body with a body scrub at least 24 hours before the procedure. Before applying fake tanning products, you need to exfoliate your skin with a gentle and suitable for your skin type body scrub or an exfoliating mitt. Using a body scrub removes dead cells, and exfoliating your skin regularly makes your skin brighter, and smoother. Moreover, it makes it easier to absorb topical skin care products for the skin;
  • Drink a lot of water after exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation promotes the formation of new skin cells, therefore, you should drink enough clean water to ensure healthy cells;
  • Take a shower before the procedure. It is recommended to take a shower before applying any type of self-tanning product, whether it is fake tanning lotion, spray, cream, or foam. Besides, you should remove undesirable body hair and use a body cream or lotion before the procedure;
  • Test the product on your skin. If using it for the first time, you may test the product for allergies. Just apply your self-tanning drops or another tanner to a small piece of skin and wait for its reaction. This could be relevant for people with very sensitive skin.


After skin preparation, you can start to use self-tanning products. It is recommended to apply them from the bottom to the top with gentle moves. A special self-tanning mitt is a tool that helps you to cover your body with fake tanning products gradually and protect your hands. The best time for the procedure - is an early evening with natural lighting. Leave the product to dry naturally or use cool air. One more trick to keep your tan long-lasting: apply baby powder to armpits, elbows, and knees! Even though it sounds silly, it works for some people. Moreover, you should take care of your skin after the procedure for skin health and long-lasting effect:

  • Do not use harsh and chemical-based body care products. Harsh soaps and shower gels can wash self-tanners. Also, you should not use a body scrub after the procedure;
  • Use a moisturizer. Even if your self-tanner contains moisturizer, you should apply a body cream, body milk, or lotion. Moisturizers with natural and organic ingredients help to keep the tan longer. It is recommended to use special body care products after self-tanning procedures for long-lasting effect;
  • Re-apply self-tanners after 4 or 5 days. For long-lasting effect, re-apply self-tanners, but only after 4-5 days;
  • Apply SPF products. While it is possible to look tanned with a fake tanning kit, you can still get sunburn. Fake tanning lotion or other products are not the same as SPF, so you must use sun protection for skin care to protect from UV rays.


What are the working mechanisms of self-tanners? All self-tanning products contain the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient is also known as DHA, it is a carbohydrate that can be made chemically or come from beets, or cane sugar. When applied to your skin, it reacts with amino acids that are found on the upper layer of your skin. This reaction is called the "Maillard reaction", the working mechanism of it is that DHA generates pigments named melanoidins. The pigments become brown as they absorb particular wavelengths of light. This process starts a couple of hours from applying to 72 hours. However, the tan can remain for 10 days, although it fades.


Self-tanning products for the face


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between self-tanning products for the face and the body? It is quite often a question among those who like self-tanning products. So, let's talk about self-tanning products for the face!


Generally speaking, your self-tanners for the face should have a lighter and gentler texture as well as different ingredients than those for the body. Creamy self-tanners texture is suitable for dry skin on the face, and lighter texture self-tanners suit normal and oily skin. Since the face is usually more sensitive, self-tanner facial products are less likely to cause skin irritation. You may notice that self-tanning facial products come in a smaller amount, for example, as self-tanning drops. Self-tanning products should contain moisturizers and DHA. One more feature of facial self-tanning products is that it has not only lighter texture, but also lighter tones and color, besides, it develops color at a different pace.


Facial skin preparation and care for self-tanning procedures should also be a little bit different. First of all, you need to exfoliate it very carefully and remove all face oil. Oil is beneficial in moisturizers, but it should be avoided in self-tanning products as it can ruin the tan. Second, you need to hydrate your face even more than your body after these procedures. Third, you must use a greater amount of SPF since the face is more exposed to the Sun. Also, you should apply one layer of self-tanners for the face while it is recommended to apply two for the body.


Is it harmful to apply body tan to your face? To be honest, no, but it is recommended to apply products to the face because of the reasons above. If you are using the same product for your face as for your body, you might cause skin damage, allergies, or skin irritation. Hair Jazz offers you to buy self-tanning drops for the face.


Get Hair Jazz self-tanning products


Are you looking for high-quality self-tanning products that give natural glow tanning without orange tones? Try our Hair Jazz production, you will love it! We offer you to order different self-tanning products, such as self-tan bronze mousse, self-tanning drops, or even fake tanning kits online! You can not only buy these qualitative products, which are clinically tested, for a good price, but also catch a sale and enjoy cheaper deals. Our production includes:

This mousse will create an immediate and natural-looking tan that lasts longer due to its unique formula and hydrating ingredients. It has a light, non-sticky and gentle texture that makes the product easy to absorb. The mousse is easy to apply, so you will enjoy it the first time! You will get a mitt for using it.

As face skin is usually more sensitive than the rest of the body, Hair Jazz has developed self-tanning drops for the face. The product has a non-drying and moisturizing formula that includes new-generation tanning ingredients DHA and Erythrulose.

Body milk, in general, is for extra hydration that is needed after self-tanning procedures. Unlike self-tanning products, it should include such organic and natural ingredients as oils. Our body milk prolongs the tan effect by nourishing your skin, it contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, urea, and argan oil.

This lotion is for skin preparation before using self-tan bronze mousse, it prepares the skin for better absorption by hydrating it. The lotion is rich in such natural ingredients as salicylic acid, propylene glycol, calendula, and chamomile.

This self-tanning kit is a perfect combo for long-lasting effects, it includes Hair Jazz Hydrating Body Lotion, Hair Jazz Self-Tanning mousse, Hair Jazz Tan Effect Extending Body Milk, and a special mitt.

This self-tanning kit includes not only the Super trio products but also self-tanning drops for the face!


Forget about orange tan and spots from the 90s, choose Hair Jazz products now! Buy them from our official website online. Our self-tanners are very popular products during the whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to choose Hair Jazz fake tanning products?

We recommend buying a few fake tanning products, for example, self-tanning mousse and tan effect extending body milk. It will help to achieve hydration and a long-lasting effect. Besides, you may want to buy our sets for cheaper.

How much do Hair Jazz fake tanning products cost?

The price depends on the amount of the product and other factors, such as a sale. Also, the price is lower if you buy a kit.