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Slow down body hair regrowth with Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors

Probably all women could use hair growth inhibitors to prevent ingrown hair and delay body hair regrowth after hair removal. Are you looking for some qualitative products to reduce hair growth? Choose Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors - we offer you to buy different kinds of products for the face, body and intimate areas. Every cream to reduce hair growth is full of natural ingredients, so Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors are also beneficial for the skin.  They are also tested bacteriologically, toxicologically and clinically, so it is safe to use both on the body and face.

Many women and men are searching for cream, spray, lotion, or serum to treat ingrown hair and body hair growth. Although you can cure ingrown hair, it is impossible to stop hair growth permanently, you can reduce it by using cosmetics for inhibiting hair growth. Usually, high-quality products not only reduce hair growth but also prevent ingrown hair. Hair Jazz products have this double effect, so order them online for a good price and join our growing community!


Institut Claude Bell is a well-known and reputed company that produces high-quality hair care, face care and body care products. The Hair Jazz line created by the company does not contain any harmful ingredients, such as SLS, parabens and hormones. Instead, they are natural and organic. The products are also cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals.


Therefore, the Hair Jazz line is popular around the world, and many people enjoy our production. Our reviews and before and after photos have already proved excellent quality. Hair Jazz products come from Southern France, but you can order them online. With online shopping, it is easy to catch a sale and purchase them for a cheaper price! Do not hesitate and reduce hair growth with Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors!

How do hair growth inhibitors work?


There is a consensus that hair growth inhibitors are an excellent way to delay body hair regrowth. The effect is mostly seen on light and thin hair rather than dark and thick. As a result, it is recommended to use hair growth inhibitors, which can be for the face or body, to those areas where body hair is lighter. However, you may benefit from them even if you have dark, thick and curly hair. In this case, it is necessary to use products inhibiting hair growth for a longer period.


Hair growth inhibitors are very popular around the world, especially among women who use them for the face. So how do these products work? The active ingredients of hair growth inhibitors penetrate through your skin to hair follicles and interrupt hair regrowth by weakening the follicles. Another of their functions is to moisturize the skin because ingrown hair on the body can be caused by dryness. It is important to notice that they are designed to use after hair removal.


A cream to reduce hair growth is not the same as a hair removal cream. The latter is designed to remove the hair meaning it works as a depilation method. It does not have a combination of active ingredients that influences hair follicles. This is why you should look for qualitative hair growth inhibitors with well-known and beneficial substances. In addition, any hair removal method, including waxing, sugaring, laser or cream cannot entirely stop hair growth permanently, although they can reduce hair growth.


There are some home remedies to reduce hair growth that you may want to try. However, they may be not as effective as hair growth inhibitors:

  • Curcuma. This is a well-known spice in the East. It can slow down hair regrowth. Dissolve the Curcuma powder in a small amount of water to a creamy consistency. Apply the mass on body areas that are depilated, leave for a while, preferably 20-25 minutes, and then rinse. Curcuma also has an anti-inflammatory effect. You can also use pea flour instead of water;
  • Lemon and honey. This combination can also work as a hair growth inhibitor. Mix 10 ml of lemon juice with 40 ml of honey. Cover body areas with the mass and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Repeat several times a week. You can try another combo as well - mix 30 g of sugar with 10 ml of lemon juice and 150 ml of water. Apply the mass to body areas and after 15 minutes rinse with water;
  • Grape juice. Apply freshly squeezed grape juice to all areas of the body from which you have removed hair - all you have to do is cut the grapes in half. Repeat this procedure daily and most importantly immediately after hair removal;
  • Clay. Mix 1 tbsp. rose water with 2 tbsp. white clay, add 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil and mix until smooth. Apply the resulting mixture to the desired body areas;
  • Mint tea and soy products. It is said that drinking mint tea a few times a day can reduce hair growth since male hormones decrease. The same effect has soy products, like tofu, soybeans and soy milk, so it is useful to involve them in your diet.

How to use a cream inhibiting hair growth?


Hair growth inhibitors are non-invasive, safe and easy to use. Of course, you should always follow the instructions on products' labels, but there are some common rules on how to use these products:

  • Before applying hair growth inhibitors, remove body hair;
  • Unless the label says differently, leave the skin to dry if it is a spray and apply a thin layer if it is a cream or lotion;
  • Use once or twice a day, follow the recommendations;
  • Use the products for at least several months.


Generally, there are three phases of hair growth: anagen (the growing phase), catagen (the transitioning phase) and telogen (the resting phase). Sometimes the fourth phase called exogen is separated from telogen. While head hair grows about 0.2 - 0.7 inches per month, body hair can reach its maximum length during this period.


The main function of hair growth inhibitors is to delay and reduce hair growth. However, they also have many other benefits, such as:

  • Hair growth inhibitors are topical and safe to use;
  • These products are not painful and skin irritating, conversely, they soothe the skin after hair removal;
  • They can be moisturizing and preventing ingrown hair;
  • Hair growth inhibitors have a light texture, so they are quickly absorbed;
  • They are suitable for all skin types.

Stop rapid hair regrowth with Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors


Are you interested in high-quality hair growth inhibitors? We offer you to buy Hair Jazz production to use after hair removal - our products not only reduce hair growth on the body but also:

  • Prevent and treat ingrown hair;
  • Moisture, soften and smoothes your skin;
  • Nourishes your skin with vitamins;
  • Protects your skin from environmental damage;
  • Soothe your skin after hair removal as they contain soothing ingredients.


You may wonder what active ingredients Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors contain. We have divided them into these categories:

  • For skin softness and soothing: sweet almond oil (heals scars and dark spots after ingrown hair, nourishes the skin with vitamin A, E, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc), shea butter (helps to heal the wounds and irritation after hair removal), argan oil (softens dry patches), vitamin E (promote the healing of scars), Iceland moss extract (prevents inflammation), pelargonium graveolens oil (soothes the skin);
  • For moisturizing and nourishing: sweet almond oil (nourishes the skin with vitamin A, E, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc), shea butter, argan oil (nourishes the skin with Omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acids and vitamin E), urea, vitamin E;
  • For exfoliating, preventing hair growth and ingrown hair: urea (ingrown hair prevention), citric oil (exfoliates the upper layer of the skin), palmatine (reduce hair growth);
  • For improving internal skin conditions: vitamin E (fights free radicals by environmental damage), sage essential oil (fights toxins, stretch marks, soreness and swelling), pelargonium graveolens oil (balances skin sebum).


Although there are no remedies to stop hair growth permanently, the combination of these active ingredients can delay hair regrowth in the body. Hair growth inhibitors may be a perfect option for you as they are safe to use, affordable and effective. So order them online in our official store and enjoy a cheaper price if you are lucky to catch a sale!

Let your skin glow with Hair Jazz post-epilation products


Hair removal procedures, such as waxing, sugaring, or laser hair removal, are very popular among women around the world, however, you should take proper care of your skin for the last-longing effect. Are you looking for high-quality after-shaving products to use after hair removal? Hair Jazz has developed some products to apply after depilation, epilation, or shaving!


Today many women cannot imagine not doing hair removal procedures, although hair removal became popular only between the 1940s and 1980s, especially in the 1970s. Therefore, post-shaving products, such as a moisturizer after shaving, are quite new. Hair removal by wax, sugar, or epilator is a modern remedy to get rid of undesirable body hairs for a longer time than shaving, however, they can be painful.  In any case, our skin becomes irritated, so it is worth using special cream and lotion after hair removal. They not only soothe the skin but also work as hair growth inhibitors and hair ingrown prevention measures.


Post epilation products created by Institut Claude Bell are free of harmful ingredients, such as SLS, parabens and hormones. Also, all the products are cruelty-free, because the company does not test on animals! Institut Claude Bell is well-known for high-quality hair care, body care and face care products that are made in Southern France. You can order the cosmetics from the Hair Jazz line at our official website online for a good price. Remember, cheaper deals - during a sale or if you buy a set. Enjoy the French quality now!


Do you want to take care of your skin after shaving your legs or other areas, but do not know how? In this case, we encourage you to read further and learn about proper skin care after hair removal!

Skin care before and after hair removal

Did you know that our skin requires special care not only after hair removal procedures but also before them? It is especially relevant before and after waxing, sugaring or shaving.  So, there are some tips for you on what to do before hair removal:

  • Exfoliate the body a few days before hair removal. Exfoliating will raise your body hair and will ensure that all the undesirable hair is removed. It is recommended to use gentle body scrub;
  • Moisturize your skin regularly. Using a moisturizer is important before and after shaving. If the skin is dehydrated and dry, your body hair will break. This results in quicker hair regrowth since the roots are not removed;
  • Do not use a razor, hair removal creams, or epilator before the procedure. Short hair cannot be removed by waxing or sugaring, so you should grow them for a while.


After hair removal, you should also take care of your skin. There are some bits of advice:

  • After shaving legs or other areas, add a moisturizer (cream or lotion) instantly. But you should not apply these products for 24 hours after waxing, sugaring or using an epilator. Usually hair removal specialist will cover your body with special cream;
  • Avoid excessive sweating. After depilation or epilation, try to avoid exercising, because sweat can clog your pores and hair follicles;
  • Avoid touching the area. Any friction can be harmful to your skin;
  • Do not pop the skin. It is normal to have  red and irritated skin, so do not pop any pimples;
  • Avoid being in the Sun right after epilation or depilation;
  • Exfoliate a few days after hair removal. Exfoliating helps you to get rid of dead cells and prevent hair ingrowth;
  • Take painkillers if needed. If you are very sensitive to pain, you may need to take painkillers before and after the procedure. Also, it will hurt more if your appointment is before your period.


It needs to be emphasized that laser hair removal requires different skin care, a specialist will tell you.

How to have smooth skin after depilation or epilation


Are you looking for the best products to use after shaving visible areas? Are you interested in after-shaving products, such as moisturizers, to apply 24 hours after depilation or epilation? In any case, the best option is post-epilation products!


These products are specially designed to soothe your skin after hair removal. Look for those cosmetics with natural ingredients as chemicals can irritate your skin even more. One of the most needed products after shaving legs or other areas is moisturizer.


Nowadays there are a lot of after-shaving products. If you want to buy those which really work and do not contain harmful ingredients, choose carefully, read the reviews and look for well-known brands.

Ingrown hair and hair regrowth treatment with Hair Jazz products


Do you have ingrown hair? Or maybe you want a slower regrowth of body hair? Choose Hair Jazz post-epilation products since they also stop rapid hair regrowth and treat ingrown hairs. Many women enjoy our production of body hair, so try it by yourself!


We know how frustrating it is to have ingrown hairs, so the Hair Jazz line offers to purchase post-epilation products that contain such natural ingredients as citric acid (which exfoliates the upper layer of the skin, cleans pores, prepares the skin for other ingredients), palmatine (delays and slows hair regrowth), sweet almond oil (reduces the appearance of scars, dark spots), urea (hydrates and exfoliates the skin), vitamin E (helps to renew the skin and maintain healthy skin condition) and others.


Using post-shaving products is an excellent and not painful way to slow down the regrowth of body hair. Their effect depends on individual characteristics, though. If you have bright and thin body hair, these cosmetics can be more effective than if you have dark and thin hair.

Stages of body hair growth


Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to remove all the body hair at the same time, whenever you are removing hair at home or at a beauty salon? This is because body hair, just like head hair, has growth stages, so-called growth phases. Hair growth is a dynamic process, which is characterized by the vicissitude of hair growth stages. Generally, there are three stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. Let’s talk about them a little bit more:

  • The growing phase - anagen. The growing or anagen phase lasts from two to six years. The hair belonging to this phase grows about 1 cm per month. On average, about 80-90% of all hair belongs to this phase. In this phase, hair follicles are pushed through the hair. In addition, the length of the anagen phase differs in certain areas. Such hair like eyebrow hair or hair in the pubic area has a shorter anagen phase;
  • The regressing (transition) phase - catagen. At the end of the hair growth period, the hair separates from the root and is gradually pushed towards the scalp. The growth slows down, and the hair separates from the bottom of the hair follicle. This phase (also called the catagen phase) lasts up to two weeks, usually 10 days. 1-5% of all hair covering the scalp and body is in the catagen phase;
  • The resting phase - telogen. When hair is completely separated from the root, it loses access to nutrients. At first, hair does not fall out - it takes about three to four months. 10-15% of hair is in this phase.

Sometimes the telogen phase is called the shedding phase. But many scientists have distinguished the fourth phase, exogen.

  • The shedding phase - exogen. This phase is an extension of the telogen phase. We lose hair during exogen, and the new ones start to grow. On average, we lose about 50-100 hair a day.

So, we cannot remove all the hair at the same time because of different stages. Therefore, you need to remove undesirable body hair regularly not only so that they regrow, but also that they are in different stages. While some have enough length for removal, others are too short. As a result, you can notice little dark dots in your armpit, bikini, and other areas. In addition, using a special cream or serum can delay hair regrowth and offer ingrown hair treatment.

Prevention of ingrown hair


Ingrown hair can occur in any area - this skin issue is relevant to the legs, bikini or neck. However, some people do not know how to treat ingrown hair and what causes it. Ingrown hair can be caused by two reasons:

  • Hair starts to grow backwards after cutting it;
  • Hair cannot penetrate through the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis. Most of the hair penetrates the epidermis easily, however, dead skin cells can influence that the hair will grow under the skin.


In any case, ingrown hair bump treatment is needed, because ingrown hair can cause hair cysts, zits, skin bumps or even an infection. Risk factors of ingrown hair are extremely dry skin, a layer of dead skin, friction after hair removal (for example, wearing tight clothes) and incorrect hair removal.  However, you can take some prevention measures:

  • Exfoliate your body. Exfoliating between shaving, depilation, or other hair removal sessions is an excellent way to prevent and treat ingrown hair. This will keep the skin hydrated, and follicles open, and promote proper hair growth. Also, it removes the layer of dead skin;
  • Moisturize your skin. As mentioned, extreme dryness can lead to ingrown hair, so use a nourishing cream to moisture the skin;
  • Wash your skin with warm water. You can also use a mild cleanser;
  • Use sharp razors and remove hair in its growth direction. An old razor can cause ingrown hair, same as shaving in the wrong direction;
  • Soften the hair before hair removal. This is a good idea if you choose waxing or sugaring. Soft hair can be easily removed with roots, so it is a good prevention of hair breakage. A warm bath or shower may be an excellent way to soften the hair;
  • Use ingrown hair treatment products. A special ingrown hair treatment cream or serum can not only treat ingrown hair but also slow down regrowth. You should use different products for legs or other body areas and the face.


Also, people with curly, coily or thick hair have a greater risk for ingrown hair. In this case, consider using special products for ingrown hair prevention.

Ingrown hair treatment with Hair Jazz products


Our qualitative Hair Jazz products for ingrown hair treatment are suitable for any skin color, meaning they work for black skin as well as for white skin. Besides, they are suitable for both women and men. They have a double effect - these products work not only for ingrown hair treatment but also for skin care after hair removal as hair inhibitors. Reviews have shown that they delay body hair regrowth effectively!


Why are these Hair Jazz ingrown hair treatment products/ hair inhibitors special? They include natural and beneficial active ingredients, such as:

  • Sweet almond oil that can reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots after ingrown hair, feeds the skin with vitamin A, E, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc;
  • Shea butter moisturizes the skin, and soothes it after hair removal;
  • Urea that provides ingrown hair treatment by hydrating the skin and exfoliating the dead skin buildup;
  • Argan oil is a superfood for your skin containing Omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acids and vitamin E;
  • Citric acid that exfoliates the upper layer of the skin cleans pores, and prepares the skin for other ingredients;
  • Palmatine that delays and slows hair regrowth;
  • Vitamin E helps to renew the skin and maintain healthy skin condition;
  • Sage essential oil that counters toxins, stretch marks, soreness and swelling as well as soothes the skin;
  • Pelargonium graveolens oil has a lot of beneficial effects, including soothing the skin and balancing sebum;
  • Iceland moss extract helps to heal wounds and inflammation.


These combinations of active ingredients result in ingrown hair treatment, prevention and slower body hair regrowth. You can choose from body cream, face cream, cream for intimate areas, deodorant and more.


According to researchers, hair inhibitors slow down hair regrowth and prevent ingrown hair, moreover, they can be used before and after hair removal. If you have thin and light body hair, you may notice the quicker effect of these products. Are you tired of ingrown hair? Does your body hair regrow fast? Order Hair Jazz hair inhibitors online!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to choose Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors?

You need to choose hair growth inhibitors regarding the area, for example, use face cream for the face, cream for intimate areas for bikini and body cream for legs, neck, or other areas. Besides, you may want to buy our sets for cheaper.

 How much do Hair Jazz hair growth inhibitors cost?

The price depends on the amount of the product and other factors, such as a sale. Also, the price is lower if you buy a kit.

How to choose Hair Jazz post-epilation products?

You need to choose ingrown hair treatment products regarding the area, for example, use face cream for the face, cream for intimate areas for the bikini and body cream for the legs, neck or other areas. Besides, you may want to buy our sets for cheaper.