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Get rid of cellulite with Hair Jazz anti-cellulite products


Are you interested in anti-cellulite products such as cellulite reducing cream, gel and anti-cellulite oil? Then you are in the right place because we offer highly qualitative Hair Jazz anti-cellulite products which really work! Our clients are sharing "before and after" photos and excellent reviews, so you can see the stunning effect of these products!

Most women and even men know how irritating cellulite can be. The most frustrating part is that cellulite is not always related to weight gain, lack of activity and an unhealthy diet. Lumpy skin on tights, belly and legs, which resembles an orange peel, can be reduced with such cellulite removal products as anti-cellulite cream, serum, spray, or oil.


The Hair Jazz line is produced by a French company called Institute Claudi Bell, which is well-known and famous for its expertise in high-quality hair care, face care and other body care products. The production comes from Southern France, and you can order the products online on our official website With online shopping, you can learn about excellent deals, for example, a sale while being at home! Enjoy the French quality now!


The exceptional feature of Institut Claude Bell is that the company does not use harmful ingredients, such as SLS, parabens and hormones. It is very important to avoid these substances in body care products like cream and serum since they are easily absorbed through the skin. The Hair Jazz line is created by using natural and beneficial ingredients, so this is the reason why our products are highly likable around the world. Besides, they are cruelty-free, which means that the company does not test on animals.


If you are tired of cellulite and want to get rid of it, try anti-cellulite cosmetics, such as slimming body creams. These cellulite removal products can help to minimize your cellulite and create the effect of a healthy, smooth and slim body! Before purchasing such cosmetics as anti-cellulite serum and cream, it is worth learning more about this skin problem. So, we encourage you to read further!

Cellulite - what are the causes of this skin problem?


Cellulite, also known as orange peel skin, is lumpy and uneven skin that often appears on hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs. These body parts are easily affected by cellulite because of fat accumulation in these areas. It is estimated that 80-90% of women will experience cellulite in their lifetime. This is a huge percentage compared to men because only 10% of them suffer from this skin problem. Although this is not harmful to your general health, many people try to get rid of or minimize it due to aesthetic reasons, for example, to feel better. Besides, such skin products as tanning lotion look better on firm skin. One option is to use such products as anti-cellulite cream.


Cellulite is a buildup (an excessive amount) of fat cells that push up against the skin. It is related to connective tissues and the distribution of fat in our body. When fat cells get bigger, they tend to detach from connective tissue. They form lumpy skin and block the blood flow. Weight gain can also influence the formation of cellulite, but even slim people can have it. Although little is known about the cellulite itself and its causes, these factors may contribute to the emergence of cellulite:


  • Genetics. If mothers or other women in the family have cellulite, their daughters and grandchildren are likely to have it. Cellulite is also affected by the type of body shape, meaning that women have more fat (adipose tissue), wider hips and bigger breasts. Tall and athletic women have a lower chance to get cellulite;
  • Hormones. The female hormone estrogen has been shown to promote the accumulation of water and fat, which provides suitable conditions for the formation of cellulite. Cellulite is especially common when the hormonal balance changes during pregnancy and in the case of taking birth control pills or other medicines (such as those used to treat thyroid disease), which affect the activity of hormones and their concentration in the body;
  • Overweight. It would be wrong to unambiguously link cellulite to high weight as it also develops in slim, athletic people. However, those with more weight also have more adipose tissue, which results in cellulite. Overweight people are more likely to suffer from various metabolic disorders, the accumulation of toxins in the body, which also affects the formation of cellulite;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Cellulite can be caused by low physical activity, and harmful habits (smoking, alcohol consumption). The emergence of cellulite is thought to be affected even by wearing inappropriate clothing - particularly tight clothing, if worn frequently, affects normal blood and lymph circulation negatively;
  • Diseases. It is believed that the formation of cellulite may be partly determined by liver dysfunction, indigestion, thyroid disease;
  • Bad posture. People with little mobility tend to have bad posture as their back muscles and abdominal muscles are weak, their hips are turned forward, and they are bent over their torso. This disrupts blood flow to the buttocks and hips, and makes the lower body accumulate fluids over time;
  • Drastic diets. Rapid slimming, especially strict, one-product diets are a huge shock to the body - without getting enough food, the body realizes that it will have to starve, so every calorie it gets is converted into fat. These diets also severely unbalance, slowing down normal metabolism;
  • Stress. Many people who experience stress accumulate the hormone catecholamines, which are linked to the development of cellulite.


This list of the reasons is not ultimate, such factors as the age and unhealthy nutrition can also contribute to the emergence of cellulite. Cellulite tends to develop with age and in the case of insufficient diet. If you are not eating various foods, your blood tests will likely show a deficit of essential nutrients and vitamins, so you may need to take supplements. Strong immunity is also important in reducing cellulite. Besides, if you are trying to reduce cellulite, you should know what food and substances can cause it:


  • Caffeine. An excessive amount of caffeine has a negative impact on blood flow, so you should drink more tea instead of coffee. However, a small amount is good for blood flow;
  • Sugar. An excessive amount of sugar can also increase the number of free radicals and weaken blood flow, and this contributes to cellulite. Avoid chocolate and candies;
  • Alcohol. It has many negative impacts on the human body including an increase in fat and estrogen as well as a decrease in blood flow. It also causes cellulite;
  • Carbs. Carbs can cause cellulite by increasing blood sugar levels. So, you should not eat too many carbs such as bread, pasta, and grains.


In addition, some products help to fight cellulite. These are almonds, carrots, pineapples, boiled eggs, low-fat dairy, fish, grapefruit and other citrus fruits.


You may wonder why women tend to have cellulite more often than men? It is thought that cellulite is related to the female hormone estrogen. Besides, adipose tissue in women is about 24% compared to 11% in men, and connective tissue is weaker. This may influence that women are more likely to take action, for example, to use anti-cellulite removal cream or fat-burning serum.


Cellulite remedies - the best ways to get rid of it


It is important to understand that cellulite cannot disappear completely, but it can be minimized by various remedies, such as massages and so-called slimming creams for the tummy. The latter is most effective when applied in the early stage of cellulite. The same rule applies to other products, such as oil, gel, serum, spray and hot cream.


Generally, there are three grades of cellulite:


  • Grade 1. Mild cellulite is seen when you are sitting, but the skin becomes smooth when standing. In this grade, anti-cellulite cream, gel and fat-burning serum have the best effects;
  • Grade 2. Moderate cellulite appears when you are sitting and standing. Using anti-cellulite serum and other products may help;
  • Grade 3. Severe cellulite causes lumps, dimples and orange peel. You may need more than resurfacing body serum and anti-cellulite body oil.


Even though some degree of cellulite is permanent,  there are some effective remedies to minimize it as much as possible. The most popular ways to reduce cellulite are:


  • Slimming body creams. Cellulite skin is dry, so it needs to be moisturized by cream or serum. Such products such as anti-cellulite cream, hot-burning lotion and oil are designed not only to hydrate skin but also to affect connective and adipose tissues. They usually contain carnitine, caffeine and other active ingredients;
  • Massage. Ayurvedic, vacuum, electric, deep and lymphatic drainage massages can be used to fight cellulite. If they are properly performed, the improvement can be seen after the first time, but the course of treatment should be long enough for long-term effects and may need to be repeated in the future. Massage is a great way to prevent cellulite and an effective remedy to fight cellulite in its initial stages;
  • Body wrap. Just like caffeine found in fat-burning cream, these procedures can promote fluid metabolism and circulation, reduce cellulite, and improve the overall appearance of the skin;
  • Exercise. Exercise helps to control your body weight, to reduce adipose tissue and to tone your body, so it is an effective cellulite-reducing way;
  • Mesotherapy. The procedure is performed by injecting active substances, which stimulate blood circulation, and metabolic processes, strengthen connective tissue and break down fat.


These are the remedies that may help to reduce cellulite, however, you should follow a healthy lifestyle, take supplements if needed and apply the skincare routine for the best effect. Drinking plenty of water helps to stay hydrated, and using a body scrub helps to remove dead skin cells. Any cream, including anti-cellulite stomach cream, needs to be applied to fresh skin, overwise, it will just press the dead cells to the surface and will not give the desired effect. Therefore, remember to scrub your body regularly.

The difference between a cream a and serum


Nowadays it is popular to use different kinds of cosmetics for the face and the body, however, many people do not know if a cream differs from a serum. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between those two? Learn about creams and serums now!


Probably the most popular face and body product is a cream. The main purpose of this product is to moisturize the face and body, so they are more suitable for normal and dry skin. Creams are made by mixing oils with water, and they may sometimes contain active ingredients such as antioxidants. In addition, it should be said that creams are not always for hydrating, they can also be nourishing or anti-cellulite stomach creams. A similar product as the cream is a lotion, except it is lighter in texture. Besides, a lotion can be used as a moisturizing cream.


Serums are growing in popularity nowadays. Compared to cream, the serum has a much lighter texture, because it is a water-based product. Another feature of a serum is that the product may contain a lot of active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, E, peptides and others. Serums are designed to solve skin problems, therefore, you can find anti-aging and other serums. You need to use less serum than a cream, and properly selected serum helps to absorb it.

Buy Hair Jazz anti-cellulite products


Are you interested in anti-cellulite products, such as skin firming cream? Hair Jazz has something to offer, you can order high-quality anti-cellulite products or even a kit online for a good price! Choose from these items:


  • Slimmy Mini Night Cream with White Clay. The cream promotes blood circulation, fat burning and skin firmness. The active ingredients are chili peppers and mustard seedlings;
  • Slimmy Mini Day Cream. Just like a night cream, it activates microcirculation and fat burning and promotes skin elasticity. The active ingredients are chili peppers and mustard seedlings;
  • MOEA Slimming Night Mask. The mask breaks down fat cells and reduces not only cellulite but also stretch marks. The active ingredients are kaolin, sunflower oil, capsaicin, orange water, and others;
  • MOEA Slimming Day Cream. The cream reduces cellulite and stretch marks and promotes elasticity.  It contains vitamin E, orange water and vanilla scent;
  • Intensive Anti-cellulite Slimbell Serum. The serum is a perfect product to add to your skin routine since it contains anti-cellulite ingredients such as carnitine, caffeine, soy isoflavones and spirulina;
  • Anti-cellulite sets. Every set is created to achieve maximum results like in the reviews. You may want to buy a set for cheaper and save money.


Remember to follow the instructions to achieve the best before and after effect. The products need to be used for at least a couple of months. Our products are suitable for all body areas, so they can be used as creams for the tummy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much do Hair Jazz anti-cellulite products cost?

The price depends on the amount of the product and other factors, such as sales.

How to choose Hair Jazz anti-cellulite products?

We recommend buying a few anti-cellulite products, for example, for the night and for the day. This combo helps to achieve maximum results. Besides, you may want to buy our sets for cheaper.